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Aoos Gorge

aoos gorge red peak mountainsThe name of this river is prounced Ah-OSE, with the capitalized letters stressed. The Aoos Gorge is close to the Vikos Gorge and in places connected with it, but it very different, with fewer precipitous cliffs, and much less well known or visited. It is less closed in, and mostly wooded, quite wild, and rich in flora, with some rare endemics.

butterflies and mothsTrees include Bosnian pine and the common beech, maples, limes, hornbeams, elms, and eastern strawberry-tree, among others. Insects, amphibians, and butterflies are plentiful, the latter quite wonderful, and especially in the summer months (July and August) when they come here for water, which is scarce in surrounding areas.

There are also many mammals here, given the thick forests and steep slopes which afford them protection. Though sightings of brown bears are few, wild boar, wild cats, roe deer, red squirrels, and otters (these last by the water) are fairly common. Birdlife resembles that of the Vikos Gorge. This gorge is quite accessible, especially from the E 90 road just to the south of Konitsa near the old bridge over the river, which is at the mouth of the gorge.