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Kalamas Estuary

This river delta to the north of the port of Igoumenitsa, is the northernmost wetland area on the west coast of Greece. Human activities, including unrestricted drainage and cultivation, tourism, fishing and hunting, have done much damage to this delta, though there are remain some good wildlife habitat, with various breeding birds, though numbers are declining.

lesser bittern;In the hillier areas birds of prey are found, some of which may still breed there, including the lesser spotted eagle. The river passes through a gorge a little inland, and there are also birds of prey there, including a colony of griffon vultures and lesser kestrels.

East of Igoumenitsa 18 km (11 miles) is Lake Limnopouli, which fills up in winter but reduces down to marsh in summer, with white storks, booted and short-toed eagles, and ferruginous ducks in breeding season.

This river delta on the coast south of Parga is a good example of how a good wetland can be destroyed by dumping, drainage, and development. Upriver a few wetlands remain, however.