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Langarda Gorge

This gorge is west of Sparti (Sparta) along the main road towards Kalamata where it climbs near the village of Tripi; it is rich in birds and flora. Lower down are Oriental planes; higher up, black pines and Greek firs.

Many kinds of flowers grow in several different habitats within the gorge, some of them endemic, including an unusual autumn flowering snowdrop. Visitors will find much to see in spring, early summer and autumn.

Bonelli's and short-toed eagles, honey buzzards and eagle owls all breed here, and many other birds can be seen here, including blue rock thrushes, crag martins, and others.

There is some beautiful country farther up the road at a pass around 1300 meters, where the forest is black pine. Dirt roads branch off from here into some wooded areas with clearings with flowers, though best wait until May for them. They last until early June.