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Some Hygene Tips for your Greece Travels

insect repelants available in greeceInsect Relief for the Greek Traveler

Are you one of those people that wouldn't hurt a fly? I'll bet mosquito's are a different story? This doesn't kill mosquito's but it keeps them away so you aren't awakened by those voracious, high-pitched, blood sucking little S.O.B.'s. You can buy these electric plug-in devices separately from the rectangular tablets that they heat up. They're cheap too, around $5! (There are scented and unscented varieties to choose from). Make sure you buy both the heater and the rectangles.

Spiral incense type repellents are available as well but stink too much for my taste. Still, far preferable to no protection and since they need no electricity are good for campsites. Super markets carry them. Just say 'ANDEE-COU-NOO-PIA'...(anti mosquito) and they'll know what you mean. With one of these plugged in your hotel room you're good for 8 hours. Plug them in at bed time and leave the windows open so the skeeters can leave. You guessed it. There are very few screen windows in Greece, no screen doors either.

Insect Repellant for Greece's Mosquito's

Tip from Dr.Weil: Herb of the Week: Pennyroyal Pennyroyal's technical name is Mentha pulegium or Hedeoma pulegiodes and is available as oil or fresh leaves. As we begin to spend more time outside, I suggest having pennyroyal around the house because of its ability to reduce itching and to act as an insect repellant. Rub fresh pennyroyal leaves on your skin to repel insects or to relieve itching; combine one teaspoon of fresh pennyroyal to a cup of water as a wash for skin. Discontinue if you develop a rash and NEVER take internally because it can cause severe illness and/or death. Some people may experience contact dermatitis (an allergic skin rash) with topical use. This condition ends upon cessation of use. When buying, look for products containing pure pennyroyal or a minimum of other ingredients.

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