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Harry's Greece Travel Tips: Carry-on hand luggage and Airline Security Restrictions

air travel restrictionsIn order to prevent acts of terrorism liquids and creams are the target of these restrictions. They don't want anyone mixing up a bomb out of the liquids or creams they brought on the plane with them so strict limitations are being imposed on what liquids and creams you may carry on to the plane.

Starting November 6th, 2006 all Greek airports will ask departing passengers to place whatever liquids and creams they want to carry on the plane into a 1 liter transparent plastic bag which the airport authorities will provide. Separate items of up to 100ml will be allowed as long as they fit into the bag. If you have any extra liquids or creams that will not fit into the bag provided you have to place them, then and there into your check in luggage or throw them away.

medicine restrictionsSpecial exceptions are made for medicines, baby food and other special dietary items as long as they are to be used during the flight. You may be asked to taste certain items to authenticate them or apply drops where relevant. Asthma inhalers will be allowed if you have a doctors note (not in arabic).

Duty free shopping, the main stay of many airports, will continue as usual and you may even get on the plane carrying a cocktail purchased from an airport bar. You have the inalienable and God given right to get sloshed at the airport and may even buy bottles of hard liquor to drink aboard the plane but be sure and keep your receipts for on the spot security shake downs.

These security rules are to be implemented across Europe, including Iceland, Norway and Switzerland all on the same day November 6th, 2006.

screening of hand luggage


Passengers are encouraged to prepare their hand luggage for electronic inspection. Items that will be inspected at the barrier are: Coats and jackets, your bag of liquids, laptops and other electrical devices, cigarettes and mobile phones, coins and keys will be screened separately in those small trays they use. Your duty free purchases will be sealed in a tamper proof bag at the check out counter and may not be opened until you are on the plane. Have a nice day!