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Harry Recommends Greek Honey (Meli) Attiki Brand

this is what Attiki honey looks likeThis a page where I show you stuff I really like or think is of high quality or both. I recommend buying it, giving it as a gift or eating it!

Greek honey, is mostly very, very good, (like the olive oil). Depending on where you buy it and who you buy it from, however, you never really know though until you try it in most cases. Real Greek honey will never be as runny as Sue Bee honey (a Popular American honey substitute) and after you try a few Greek honeys you'll understand why I call Sue Bee a "honey substitute". I grew up on Sue Bee!

Good Greek honey isnt cheap however, even at a road side stand, so unless you are paying 7 or 8 euros a kilo (canned or glass jar) dont look for high quality. By that I mean it will be runny.

Honeys in the supermarket costing less than that are suspect In my opinion. The honey I am recommending cost 11 to 12 eu per kilo and if you haven't tried it yet you are missing out! Its one of the best things Greece has to offer that's easy to carry and will last a while. Remember honey was the only thing still edible in an Egyptian tomb.

I am going to show you here on the right, a supermarket available Greek honey brand called Attki that is always excellent and worthy to take home as a gift in spades. I have done so and been lauded. Its marketed in several sizes too from way small to the 12 eu 1 KG can size which is the largest I have ever seen it. A KG is 2.2 US lbs so that's about 8 USD a pound at today's exchange rate of 1.30 dollars to the eu.

Incidentally, of the Greek honeys, for some reason, all agree, that thyme honey is the best. I concur and this brand named Attki is the best of the best available thyme honey nationwide. Thyme is Thi-mari in Greek so thats pretty easy.

Now there are all kinds of honey for sale in Greece everywhere from your weekly street market, supermarket shelves, local Biological Store and, if you are extremely fortunate you have a Greek friend who ether makes honey and will give you some for free or next best, knows somewhere you can buy honey that really is straight from the producer.

Failing that, buy Blue label Attiki honey which also is sold in a brown instead of blue package just like whats shown here only for a bit cheaper. Not a huge difference either way - both are good - but if you want the best buy blue!