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Harry Recommends Sitian Mill Greek Walnut Cookies from Crete

walnut cookiesThis is another page where I show you stuff I really like or think is of high quality or both. I recommend buying it, giving it as a gift or eating it!

What can I tell you? Don't eat these cookies because they are fattening?

Well that's true but these cookies are just like your Grand mother or Mom would have made them. They are wicked good! So are the rest of the product line from this Cretan family run company. The rest that follows is from their web site. They make other baked goods too!

KALABOKIS S.A. is a living tale about the tradition of Crete. From the beginning of the century (1930), Kalabokis family, with great aptitude and loyalty to tradition, started producing the Cretan traditional confectionery «SITIAN MILL» of a large variety and superb quality.

The third generation of the family, having inherited the love, diligence, and devotion to tradition, is applying century-old recipes through the neatly organised production facilities and provides the market with unique products. The constant effort of KALABOKIS S.A. guarantees for the safe production methods of its goods, as well as for the high quality of their savoury treats.

Tsitian mill logohe brand name «SITIAN MILL» was chosen to stress the dedication to the traditional recipes of the Cretan cuisine's confectionery.

'Kserotigana' Honey Sweets,
'Kalitsounia' Leavened Pastries,
Almond Biscuits,
Olive Oil Cookies,
Raisin Cookies,
Orange Biscuits,
Sugar Buns,
Honey Macaroons,
Mastic Cookies
and tasteful Ouzo Biscuits
compose a great variety of «SITIAN MILL» products, based on flavours that have accompanied for centuries the daily habits and social occasions of the Cretan people.

foodThe exclusive use of the twice globally awarded extra virgin olive oil of Sitia (PDO), the balmy thyme honey, the fine 'myzithra' whey cheese, tasty nuts, 'tsikoudia' arrack, all of them exclusively yielded from the prosperous Cretan land, guarantee the superb quality of our products. You can find the «SITIAN MILL» products in several packaging types, in protective atmosphere that preserves the products in terms of quality and flavour, of the highest levels.

Among the targets of the company is the combined effort for the promotion of the Cretan diet, which involves rich nutritional ingredients and contributes effectively to human wellbeing. Therefore, the development of new Cretan traditional products and their promotion in new markets are included in our plans for the following years.

ingrediantsIn this phrase the magnificence of olive oil is rounded up, which in ancient Greek times was “the fruit of the blessed tree”.

>Its existence in Greece is traced back to the Neolithic era (6000bc) and its transformation into a cultivatable tree comes entirely from the Minoans, whose nutrition was based on olive oil. In a little corner of eastern Crete, Alkiviadis A Kalabokis wrote a sweet tale preserving the Cretan tradition. The unique recipes, the goods of mother Cretan earth, the ‘golden’ olive oil, crispy almonds, flavour filled raisins, juicy oranges, unique ‘tsikoudia’ arrack, wonderful honey and grandfather Kalabokis day and night ground in his mill, moulding and creating. The «SITIAN MILL» was born.

Today the third generation of the family continues to produce in its primly equipped production facilities in Sitia, with the same love, loyalty and respect to the principles of Cretan diet, which is based on antique recipes. The «SITIAN MILL» genuinely epitomizes the Cretan diet, which is proven that contributes in the decrease of heart diseases, has strong anticancer attributes and constitutes a powerful antidote to the catastrophic ‘quick’ nutrition of the present.

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