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Recreational & Hard Drugs in Greece Page 2

The corrupt Police in Exarhia and other Athens neighborhoods, particularly Kypseli, allow heroine dealers to sell drugs for a percentage of the profits. Everyone knows it, no one does anything about it. In Kypseli its Africans, (Nigerians mostly) Albanians and Greeks who sell the drugs.

Come on Greece wake up! These are your children you are turning into junkies.

My favorite story about this situation took place in 2002 when the addicted son of a Thessaloniki university professor, who was in the OKEANA Rehabilitation Program, drove up to the Exarhia police station in Athens, 3 blocks from where I am sitting now, double parked his car out side the booth where the cop on guard was sitting and after opening the trunk, pointed a hunting shotgun in his face.

He told him "Give me your machine gun or I'll blow your head off!

The cop gave him the gun and then this kid started to calmly shoot up the police HQ, not injuring anyone. He then got back in his car and drove a few blocks over to Kolonaki and the house of Greece's Prime Minister Mr. Simitis and started to shoot that up too.

Now, Mr. Simitis, who was a bean counter before he fell into the job of PASOK PM has body guards and even though he wasn't home, these body guards, who are all fired now, didn't do a damn thing and hid under beds or wherever they could.

The 'Alleged Perpetrator' (my hero by now) then got into his car and drove away. He never shot at anyone.

He was finally pulled to earth by an Arabic visitor to Greece in a neighborhood far away as he was staggering around with a machine gun in his hands. Most self respecting Arabs are not intimidated by machine guns because they already own several of them themselves.

This was all over CNN too and I think the comment was, "how are the Greeks going to supply security for the Olympics when they have stuff like this going on"? Good question!

So when I told you up at the top of the page that they lightened up on the draconian rehabilitation program it was because of this kid who had the courage enough or was desperate enough or both to make his point. Now there are commandos out side the police stations with walkie talkies and what all. The cow has left the barn guys! You can't drive down Mr. Simitis street anymore either.

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