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Drug deaths down for first time in 200X

The number of drug deaths declined last year for the first time, to 259 from 321 in 2001, according to a report released yesterday by the National Center for Documentation and Information on Drugs and Addiction (EKTEPN).

The reduction was partly attributed to the increased number of places available in rehabilitation programs and the fact that fewer were being turned away from these centers for continuing to use drugs.

However, the age at which young people first experiment with drugs has gone down to 12. According to a survey of high school pupils, one in three say they have tried more than one substance.

About 18,500 people use heroin. About 18 percent have had contact with rehabilitation programs and last year 2,157 addicts joined one of these programs. Most are men aged 19-40, unemployed and with a high school education.

Harry's note: The Greek TV shows this really stupid PSA telling kids how dangerous marijuana is and how it will turn you into a vegetable but absolutely nothing about the dangers of heroin or other harder dugs.

Is it because the police and corrupt politicians are making money off heroin (by selling it and from EU grants to combat it thus creating another burocracy of rehabilitation clinicians, there are 13 clinics in Exarhia alone) or are they just stupid and out of touch with the rest of the whole civilized world?

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