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Telephone Communications Choices: Coin Activated Pay Phones

greece tourism greek travel tellecommunicationsCoin Activated Phones in Greece

There are a myriad of pay phones types that accept coins to call anywhere in the world. The problem is that the owner of the phone, i.e... the person running the little stand where the phone is located may not want you to call mobile phones or to make long distance calls because he doesn't have the proper set-up to monitor your call and calculate its cost. How they work exactly depends on the phone and the establishment. If you want to call a mobile phone or to make a long distance call (trunk call) ask the person responsible or use a free standing card phone and save money.

greece tourism greek travel tellecommunicationsSome coin phones, you put the money in first, then dial. Some, you dial and when the party answers you put the money in the slot. They all are a pain in the butt as you have to have the coins, know how many you need and for how long. Expect abrupt, warning less disconnects.

These aren't run by AT & T with an operator down line to refund money and other such niceties. I am not sure who runs these type of phones but you'll see them everywhere especially at kiosk or periptero's. This phone above, you put the money in when the party answers.

Some Greek Periptero owners let you call mobile phones and some don't. Calling any mobile phone costs more too, even from a land line. Ancient style periptero photo left.