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Telephone Communications Choices in Greece
for the Greek Traveler

International Directory Assistance

Here are some tips for using international directory assistance in Greece. Greek International directory assisatnce operators are available in many languages if you are patient.

Immediately below are two sites in English run by OTE and Yellow a branch of OTE


Athens Area

In the Athens Area and in all of Greece the intenrational operator is available to assist you in making your call. Dial 139 to access the international directory assistance operator.

International Calls to Greece (direct dialing)

  • To call Greece from the USA dial 011- 30 - city code
  • To call Athens, Greece from the USA dial 011 - 30 - 210 -

International Calls from Greece (direct dialing)

  • To call the USA from Greece dial 00 - 1- area code + number
  • International directory assistance dial:139
  • Toll free to the USA Dial 001 - 880 (you will be charged)
  • To dial any country in the world from Greece dial 00 followed by your country code
  • 1 for US/Canada
  • 44 for the U.K
  • 61 for Australia
  • 353 for Ireland

The International Calling Card Operator

For Americans or people who live in countries where there is a free market phone system, if you are going to be calling home a lot, an International Calling Card is one of the best and least expensive ways to do so 'they used to say'. These take up to 3 weeks to set up so don't wait until the last minute. I know a couple of these co's have changed names like World Net which is now MCI again?

  • AT&T Direct 888-288-4685
  • Sprint: 800-877-4646
  • MCI: 800-444-4141

AT&T Instructions from:

You can use the AT & T access number whether you have an international calling card or not. You use your credit card instead. I am not sure if this works for everybody countries or just for calling the USA but is worth checking into!

  • AT&T Acsess code 00-800-1311
  • Tips for making calls in Greece Country-to-country calls may be placed to or from Greece
  • Pay phones require coin or card deposit
  • Just follow these easy steps when placing a call from Greece:
  • Step 1. Dial the AT&T access number provided above.
  • Step 2. An AT&T Operator or English-language voice prompt will ask you for the telephone number you are calling.
  • For calls to the U.S., dial the area code and 7-digit number you are calling
  • For calls to other countries, dial 01, the country code, city code, and local number you are calling
  • Step 3. After the tone, enter your regular AT&T Calling Card number (not the international number).
  • You may also use the AT&T Corporate Calling Card and many other U.S. local phone company cards.
  • MasterCard® Visa,® American Express,® Discover/Novus,® or Diners Club® Cards can be used from many countries to place calls back to the U.S.
  • Step 4. If you need assistance or wish to call collect, press zero or stay on the line and an AT&T Operator will assist you.

Calling Card Access Codes from Greece