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Greek Tourist Police Stations and Contact Numbers

Location Address Phone Number Open all year
Athens 7, Syngrou Ave 210-9239224 Yes
Athens (suburbs) 36, Ioulianou st. 210-8221721 Yes
Athens Railway Station Larissis Station 210-8213574 Yes
Aidipsos 3, Okeanidon St. 2226-22456 No
Aigina Vas. Georgiou 2297-22391 Yes
Agrinio 29, Papakosta St. 2641-23381 Yes
Alexandroupoli Karaiskaki 2551-26211 Yes
Argostoli Centre 2671-22200 No
Arta 66,Vas. Sirou St. 2681-27580 Yes
Chalkida 2, Kotsou st. 2221-24662 Yes
Chios 35, Neorion St. 2271-26555 Yes
Corfu 31, Arseniou St. 2661-30265 Yes
Corfu (suburbs) G. Theotoki Sq. 2661-30669 Yes
Crete - Ag. Nikolaos 7, Omirou 2841-22321 Yes
Crete-Chania 23, Karaiskaki St. 2821-24477 Yes
Crete - Heraklion Vas. Konstantinou 281-283190 Yes
Crete-Rethymnon 52, Vas. Georgiou St. 2831-28156 Yes
Delfi 27, Friderikis St. 2265-82220 Yes
Diros Lakonia 2733-52200 Yes
Edessa 31, Phillipou St. 2381-23355 No
Hydra Navarhou Votsi 2298-52205 No
Igoumenitsa Ag. Apostolon 2665-22302 Yes
Ioannina 28, Octobriou St. 2651-25673 Yes
Ikaria Centre 2275-22222 No
Itea 56, Karaiskaki St. 2265-32222 No
Kaiafas Centre 2625-31706 No
Kalamata 46, Aristomenous St. 2721-23187 Yes
Kalambaka 33, Ramidi St. 2431-22813 Yes
Kamena Vourla 1, 25 March St. 2235-22425 Yes
Kastoria 24, Grammou St. 2467-22696 Yes
Katerini 92, M. Alexandrou St. 2351-23440 Yes
Kavala 9, Erithrou Stavrou St. 251-222.905 Yes
Kea Centre 2288-31300 No
Killini Centre 2623-96267 No
Korinthos 33, Koliatsou St. 2741-23282 Yes
Kos 9, Kountouriotou St. 2242-28227 Yes
Kythnos Centre 2288-31201 No
Lamia 5, Tsirimokou St. 2231-23281 Yes
Larisa Vas. Sofias 241-227900 Yes
Lefkada Nidri 2645-95207 No
Loutraki Lekka 2741-42258 Yes
Messologi 11, Damaskou St. 2631-22555 Yes
Methana 34, Vas.Konstantinou St. 2298-92463 No
Mykonos Apovathras Sq. 2289-22482 Yes
Mytilini Teloniou Sq. 2251-22776 Yes
Nafplio 2a, Argous St. 2752-27766 Yes
N. Moudania 31, 28 Octobriou St. 2373-21370 Yes
Olympia 13, Douma St., Ancient Olympia 2624-22550 Yes
Parga Centre 2684-31222 No
Paros Port 2284--21673 No
Patra 40, Othonos & Amalias St. 261-220902 Yes
Patra (suburbs) 44, Othonos & Amalias St. 261-220516 Yes
Pireaus 43, Akti Miaouli st. 210-4523670 Yes
Poros 37, Dimosthenous St. 2298-22462 No
Preveza Centre 2882-22225 No
Pyrgos 4, Karkavitsa St. 2621-23685 Yes
Rodos 31, Papagou St. 2241-27423 Yes
Salamina 10, Karaiskaki St. 210-4651100 No
Samos Centre 2273-27980 No
Saronic Gulf 1, Alsous st. Glyfada 210-8946555 Yes
Serres 9, Christoforou St. 2321-22001 Yes
Smokovo Centre 2443-61204 No
Spetses Dapias Sq. 2298-73100 No
Thassos Centre 2593-22500 No
Tinos Eleftherias Sq. 2283-221255 No

Tourist Police

The Tourist Police is a Service of the Greek Police Force staffed with specially trained, foreign-language speaking personnel. Within the framework of its duties and functions, it provides the following services:

  • It provides information to Greek and foreign visitors and offers them assistance in settling any issues arising with tourist businesses.
  • It cooperates with locally competent Directorates of Tourism and local authorities in order to deal with tourism issues.
  • It ensures that the tourist legislation in force is applied in all tourist areas, businesses and media, such as hotels, apartments and rooms to let, tourist shops, tourist agencies and coaches, car and motorcycle rental agencies, archaeological sites, tourist guides, ski resorts, spa towns, mass arrival/departure stations, sanitary facilities operating in tourist businesses and sites of free camping, etc.
  • It carries out inspections of tourist businesses with the aim to provide better services and higher protection to visitors. The distinctive insignia of the Greek Tourist Police officers are the following:
  • White band on the cap
  • White belt
  • White gloves
  • The distinctive insignia "TOURIST POLICE" worn on the front of the shirt.
  • The Greek Tourist Police can be reached around-the-clock by dialing "171".
  • This line provides all kind of information and instructions in Greek, English, French and German, thus helping tourists to deal directly with any arising problem.
  • In case you need any help, do not hesitate to contact the staff members of the Greek Tourist Police by dialing "171".