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Christos Raches and Nas

From Armenitsis travel to the beautiful mountain village of Christos Raches complete with its lake. It's known as the "Switzerland of Ikaria." Its 13th Century convent has wall paintings and icons on display. Christos Raches is famous for its very late hours and its old-fashioned shops and tavernas. Ten minutes further on is Nas, or Naos, the island's ancient city. The ancient harbor below is ideal for an all over tan, and just behind lies the 5th Century BC Temple of Artemis Tauropoulos. The statue of the goddess here had eyes that followed the viewer from every angle, enough reason to toss it in the kiln.

Drinking and Dining

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For superior traditional cuisine try Kazais and Phtera (wings) on the slopes above Ag. Kyrikos. Harborside, Ekonomou & Klimataria are good basic tavernas.


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Ikaria has had many names. It was called Dolichi (oblong) and Ichthyoessa (fishy) and Oenoe (wine) and Ikor (fishy). The island has been identified with the myth of Icarus since classical times. Ikaria is the island that the mythological Icarus' son crashed near when his wax wings melted but it was probably the winds that downed him.

It briefly declared itself an independent country in 1912. There was a tragic forest fire in 1993 in the hills west of Ag. Kyrikos.

Hints from Harry

While friendly, some islanders don't adhere to any particular 9 to 5 schedule and don't view the tourist dollar with the same vehement approbation so many other islands do. Many find this refreshing outlook disconcerting and it takes some getting used to. See more photos of Ikaria I | II | III

The Complete Details

Helpful Information Transportation Facts
  • By Air: 5 flights a week from Athens, in summer.
  • By Sea: Ikaria is on the Piraeus-Samos route which arrives daily in Aghios Kyrikos and 4 times a week at Evdilos. Choose the former. The voyage takes 9 to 10 hours.
  • Ferries link Ikaria often with Samos, Patmos, Paros, Mykonos, 3/wk, and Fourni.
  • Hydrofoils link to Samos, Patmos, and Fourni.
Island Resources
  • Tel. code: 2275/
  • Agh. Kirykos Port Authority: tel. 222O7
  • Aghios Kirykos Hospital/Tel: 22-330/22-336
  • Evdilos Port Authority/Tel:31-007
  • Police/Tel: 22-944/22222
  • Perdiki Folklore Museum/Tel: 22-580
  • Airport/Tel: 23-888 Tourist Police/Tel: 22-207
  • Agh. Kirykos Port Authority/Tel:22-207
  • National Bank/Tel: 22-894/ 'till 1 pm
  • Post Office/Tel: 22-423 OTE/Tel: 22-399
  • Evidilos Post Office/Tel: 31-225
  • Emergency Medical/Tel: 31-228
  • Evidilos OTE/Tel: 31-559
  • Evdilos Pharmacy/Tel: 41-352

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