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The Basics

Quick Facts: Limnos
Transportation Air, ferry, hydrofoil
Main Attractions Local wine and honey, theraputic waters
Food Many good choices
Accommodations Many good choices

Limnos Greek IslandLimnos Page 1

Li mnos  Greek IslandLi mnos  Greek IslandLimnos is different in appearance from the other islands of its group. With 478 sq. km of land mass and 260 km of coast, it's a very gentle and only moderately hilly island. It's lush in spring and tinder dry in the summer. This island is a well kept secret with about 16,000 friendly inhabitants.


Limnos Greek Island Li mnos  Greek Island Although Limnos is off the beaten track, it's easy enough to reach and is very manageable. It's one of the few Greek islands able to support a herd of deer.

The harbor near the mouth of the Dardanelles has made Limnos an island of strategic importance and there have been many military uses of this location.

Island Features

Li mnos  Greek IslandLi mnos  Greek IslandThe island is known for its wonderful honey, wildflowers, herd of deer and therapeutic hot springs. There are also many goats. This was the holy island of the smithy god Hephaistos (Vulcan). Its volcanic past is evident today in its astringent hot springs and the sulphuric Limnian earth, which is reputed to heal wounds and cure stomach aches. Limnos is dotted with lovely golden wheat fields and many goats. Limnos, has been known for its wine production since ancient times.Limnos posseses beautiful sandy beaches. The island is almost cut in half by the beautiful Bay of Moudros. Many flamingos feed in its eastern lakes.

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