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The Basics

Quick Facts: Thassos
Pronunciation Tha-sos
Alternate Spelling Thasos
Transportation Air, Ferry, Hydrofoil
Main Attractions white sand beaches, archaeological remains
Food Many excellent choices
Accommodations Many excellent choices

Location of Thassos in GreeceThassos Page 1

Thassos has a land mass of 379 sq. km. and a coastline of 95 km. Only 3 nautical miles from Keramoti on the northern Greek mainland, it is 16 nautical miles southeast of Kavala, the nearest major mainland town with an airport. Its population is about 13,000.

Island Features

Thassos is one of the most beautiful Greek Islands, it is very green, has wonderful soft beaches and is rarely affected by the Meltemi that blows across many of the other islands.

Many Germans and Austrians have discovered the island but have not overrun it. There are many archeological ruins around its capital Limenas. There are several tiny islets quite near its coast and the fishing is good.

Several small villages and hamlets are accessible on the well maintained encircling island road as well as the many sandy beaches. Oil has been discovered offshore, but no plans have been made to exploit it–so far. Thassos was once a souce of gold, and continues to be a big supplier of white marble–you may notice the scars from the quarries on the mountain sides.

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