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Limenas (or Thassos) is the capital and port. It's a lively place, especially along the waterfront. The Archaeology Museum has been expanded and contains many wonders. In the center of the city is the agora, rebuilt by the Romans. It has foundations, columns, porticoes, sanctuaries and a massive altar. Near that is part of a Roman street with a few tiers of the Odeon. A bit further down is the sanctuary for Hercules, the Herakleion. This area of townhas a Sanctuary of Poseidon. Two ancient naval gates lead into the port. You can get to the acropolis by way of the Sanctuary of Dionysos. Excavations of the acropolis are complete and plans to renew Thassos' ancient drama festival there underway.

But wait, we aren't finished. Limenas also has a 5th Century BC Temple of Athena Poliouchos, a Sanctuary of Pan, a Secret Stair and well decorated gates including Gate of Parmenon, Gate of Silenus, Gate of Dionysos and Hercules and the Gate of Zeus and Hera.

Limenas' town beach is sandy and shaded.The main road circles the island and leads to numerous charming villages and many, many wonderful white sand beaches. The best beaches are in the south and east. Although the bus service is good, Thassos is small enough to explore by motorbike. Many of the coastal villages are new–built since the suppression of piracy in the 19th Century–and most are annexed to older inland villages that were used when pirates were still ransacking the area on a regular basis.The village of Kastro is in the center of the island. The fortified hill is now a cemetery surrounded by sheep farmers.In the foothills near the west coast, Sotiras has the best sunset watching.

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