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Crete: Hania Prefecture Overview Page Thirteen

East of Souda Bay continued

East of Almiridha the coast road cuts inland a bit, one fork going out to the north tip of the Drapano Peninsula, and the other heading south through the peninsula itself, further inland from the seaside cliffs, where it stays until a side road reaches Yeorghioupolis.

Cape Drapano

map cape drepanoCape Drapano is another place where parts of the filming of Zorba the Greek were done (at Kokkino Hora), (to the west of which is Plaka, a very pretty village with beaches below it). A really beautiful peninsula with rich green agricultural land of vineyards, olives and cypresses, prosperous villages (and good roads).

At Gavalohori there's a folklore museum (open 10am -1pm) with exhibits of old village life in a restored Venetian building with some later Turkish additions. Labels are in both Greek and English, and exhibits include wood-carving, stone-cutting, and silk-lace making (called 'kopaneli') a craft experiencing a revival in this village. The mulberry trees were planted by the Turks.

The local Women's Agrotoruisim Coperative (one of two inspired by some of the historical exhibits), have resuscitated this old craft, long dormant., the first group working with ceramics and glass as well, with their products on sale. Byzantine wells are found outside of this town, and there is evidence that this was an ancient settlement.

Some of the nicer villages on the cape are Dhrapanos, and Kefalas, with a lot of old stone-work. Kefalas has views of the sea on both sides. Before Vamos, the port of ancient Lappa (now Argyroupolis-see Rethymnon province) is bigger, and in ways more modern, though it has nice shade trees, and nearby Aspro (which means 'white'), a truly lovely old village. Exopoli (almost to Georghioupoli, has great views of the sea below.

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