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Crete's Lasithi Prefecture Overview Page One
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prefecture of lasithi mapComing from Heraklion Province, instead of approaching the Lasithi Plain from the villages of Mohos, Krasi and Kera along the road that branches from Stalidha (as detailed in the Heraklion Prefecture treatise), you can continue along the coast road past Malia and will soon be on the northwestern edge of Lasithi Prefecture.

the beachThe main highway will have cut inland toward Neapoli and Aghios Nikolaos, but the old coast road will continue on to the resorts of Sisi and Milatos. The former has an upper and lower village, the lower on a little harbor with a sandy beach. This is Sisi Paralia, with all the trappings of most beach resorts. To the east is Paralia Milatou (pic right) ('paralia' meaning waterfront), with a pebble beach. It was in a cave not far from here that a large number of Greeks (the numbers quoted vary from 2700 to 3600) took refuge during rebellions against the Turks during the early years of the Greek War of Independence. Forced to surrender, the Greeks were promised safe conduct, but instead the men and children were massacred and the women taken as slaves. There is a small chapel at the cave's entrance, with an ossuary containing the victims' bones. It is one of the great ironies of history that such places of human horror can later become pleasure spots for unknowing revelers from other lands.

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