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Rethymnon Prefecture Continued Page Seventeen

West Of Rethymnon

Plakieas beachTo the west 30km/18.6miles, is Plakies (right), is an improvement over Aghia Galini, though it has become a tourist destination in recent years. There are plenty of rooms, even in the cheaper categories, but high season is still high season and they fill up fast. There's a youth hostel here, at the back of the town (most of which is, however, spread out along the waterfront). The beach to the east along the bay is windy.

The best beaches are near olive groves farther to the east, walkable along a dirt road accessible from the main road, or over the hill if you follow the beach. Both walks take more than half an hour, and the first you'll come to is Damnoni . Unfortunately, this one has gotten built up quite a bit., and for seclusion you'll have to go beyond here to the cove beyond, which has some caves in the rocks behind it. Bathing suits are dispensed with in these parts. Beyond there is Amoudhi beach, which has a taverna and rooms. Lefkoyia,an inland village is a short walk from Ammoudhi, and is quiet place to stay, away from the crowds at Plakias.

North Coast: To the west is Souda Beach, which you can walk to in about half an hour along the coast (about 3km/1.86miles).

South Coast: Above Plakias is Mirthios, a small and friendly village , cheaper to stay in and with a youth hostel, and, though farther from the sea, has the advantage of great views. There are good hikes from here. Beyond Sellia to the west are some some coves, is the village of Rodhakino (which means peach), situated above a ravine, with the beach of Koraka (crow) down below. This was the place where the German General Kriepe was taken off of the island to Egypt after being kidnapped by the resistance during World War II. There are rooms here, a taverna , and Polirizio beach in the bay to the west, with more of the same.

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