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The Basics

Quick Facts: Anaphi
Pronunciation a-na-fi
Alternate Spelling Anafi
Transportation Ferry only
Main Attractions Beaches, Moni Kalamiotissas
Food Decent eateries are available
Accommodations Rooms are few and in high demand

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greek islands  anafi anaphi cycladesgreek islands  anafi anaphi cycladesAnafi or Anaphi lies at the southern tip of the Cyclades with Santorini its nearest companion (12 mi). It is 273 nautical miles from Piraeus. It has 38 sq. km of land mass and 32 km of coast. It's a tadpole shaped boulder in the Sea of Crete only an hour from Santorini. The ferry schedule is irregular, but those who stick with and make the trip are rewarded by uncrowded beaches and a slow, traditional lifestyle.

greek islands  anafi anaphi cycladesAbout 300 people live on the island. There is very little tourism so it's a wonderful place to get back to nature or to spent time alone. The islanders are friendly and simple, although their sophistication and the available amenities increase with each passing year's greater influx of tourism.

Very little is grown on Anaphi and has to be imported, raising prices a bit. Most of the island natives survive by fishing.

Earthquakes originating at Santorini sometimes wriggle across Anaphi.

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