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greece greek islands travel tourism guide andros cycladesgreece greek islands travel tourism guide andros cycladesAndros is the closest island of the Cyclades to Euboia (or Evia), at a distance of only 7 nautical miles. It is also the second largest and northern most of the Cyclades. It has 380 sq. km. of land mass and 177 km of coast line. Ferry boats take about 2 hours to reach the island. There are 2 to 5 ferry boats a day. Hydrofoils take a little over an hour. Andros is accessible by ferry boat and hydrofoil from Rafina, a short bus ride north from Athens. Gavrio is the main port of Andros. From Gavrio, 7 buses a day connect (1 hr drive) to the main towns of Andros and Batsi, the islands main resort.

Andros is neat and prosperous with traditional Greek charm. There are wild mountains, elegant towns, and beaches galore.

The island has a split personality. The northern side is barren and rocky. The south side is lush and green. The terrain is mountainous, with ravines and 3 verdant valleys with streams. There are over 200 beaches and many secluded spots, mostly on the south side of the island. The sandy beaches are on the south of the island. Many beaches have watersport facilities.

If all those beaches aren't enough, there are theraputic spings, picturesque villages, lovely scenery and historic monuments on Andros, all adding up to a holiday with something for everyone.

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