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You'll find a Modern Art Museum in Andros Town, just north of the main square. There are modern scultptures by Greek artists such as Tombros, Bouzianis and Manolidis as well as international artists such as Braque. Entrance is free. The Museum of Modern Art was endowed by the Goulandris Family Foundation (open Wed-Mon, 10-2 & 6-9, T:22490).

In the center of town are the banks, OTE (telephone) and post offices and the main street is a marble-paved people-only walkway over which wafts the smells of local bakery and pastry shops. The bus station is also nearby.

On one end of  Emborios harbor, Aghia Thalassini Church guards the entrance. And in town the Cathedral Aghios Georgos is built on the ruins of a 17th Century church.

South of Andros Town

greece greek islands travel tourism guide andros cycladesgreece greek islands travel tourism guide andros cycladesSouth of Hora the villages of  Lamyra, Strapouries and Ypsila are picturesque with well tended gardens and hospitable good character.

Nearby Menites, is among the loveliest villages on the island and boasts the remains of a ruined tower and its Church of the Madonna of Koumoulos.  A bit further on the cultural center of the island during the 18th and 19th century was Mesaria with its Kairis family tower and the Church of the Taxiarchs built circa 1143 AD. 

Still further South the Monastery of Panachrantos was founded in 961 at Fallika after the liberation of Crete.

More to the southeast of Andros Town is the village of Livadia, which has a Frankish church.

In the mountains 12km southwest of Andros Town is the spectacular monastery Moni Panachrantou (open daily). It a steep walk from either Mesaria or Andros Town to this monastery overlooking the valley. Founded in 961, the Byzantine style building today houses just three monks. There are many treasures in the church, including the skull of Agios Panteleimon, which is believed to have healing powers. This holy relic is brings flocks of visitors to the monastery on the saint's annual festival day.

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