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Delos was a sacred place with splendid buildings and sanctuaries and as such, it was never forgotten; many references are preserved by travellers who visited the island in the last centuries. Numerous pieces of sculpture were transferred to Museums of Greece and abroad, while marble from the ancient buildings were used as building material by the inhabitants of the nearby islands.

the wallExcavations on Delos started in 1873 by the French School of Archaeology at Athens. Large-scale restoration work has been undertaken by the French School of Archaeology. Several columns have been rebuilt and ancient houses have been roofed in order to protect the mosaic floors. In 1990 Delos was included in the World's Cultural Heritage, protected by the UNESCO.

some ruinsThe ancient town and site are on the west side of the island, and you can get a birds-eye view of it by climbing Mt. Kythnos (113 meters) which is near the harbor, as well as of other islands. Walk through the Theater Quarter to get to it. The houses here were of the wealthy occupants, many with mosaics.

The most important monuments of the site are:

  • The Agora of the Competaliasts
  • The Temple of the Delians
  • The Minoan Fountain
  • Terrace of the Lions
  • The Stoivadeion
  • The Theatre
  • Temple of Isis
  • The Temple of Hera
  • The "House of Dionysos"

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