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site planthe nicest peice of art on the island

This Bronze Mask of Dionysos is dated to second century BC. The god with his huge curly beard is wearing a diadem and an ivy wreath. The mast was most likely a votive offering.

You can also see a Corinthian "alabastron". (Seventh century BC.) It's a small, perfumed-oil container, found in the Heraion with other such vases. The protectress of hunting (Potnia Theron, or ‘lady of the beasts’) is respresented on it.

The marble statue of Apollo is leaning on a tree. Perhaps it is a smaller copy of a statue dedicated to Delphi in commemoration of a third century BC victory against the Galls, as in this smaller version, Apollo has his foot on a pile of Gallic shields. Found in a private house during the same century. It is similar to the famous ‘Apollo Lyceios’, which is attributed to Praxiteles.

The museum has a w all-painting from a house in Skardana Quarter (from outer wall), with depiction of Heracles (Iraklis), two boxers, and a man playing a wind instrument. The inscription mentions famous boxer of first century BC.

The base of a kouros statue with ram’s head on one of the three corners, and Gorgon’s heads on the other two has a inscription that indicates Naxian origin. Dates from seventh century BC and was found in Sanctuary of Apollo.

Hints from Harry

Delos is a big scam in my opinion and unless you are an archeologist, over-priced. The fact that there is only one toilet and 700 to a thousand visitors at a time says something doesn't it? Water costs €2 for a small bottle. Someone is making a lot of money off Delos. See more photos of Delos. Delos Photos II

There are guidebooks available for the ruins (rather badly translated, but available).

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