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Quick Facts: Folegandros
Pronunciation foe-leg-an-dross
Alternate Spelling Pholegandros
Transportation Ferry
Main Attractions Sheer cliffs, terraced fields, striking Hora, local pottery
Food Excellent eateries
Accommodations Beds may be in short supply during high season

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folegandrros pholegandros cycladesfolegandrros pholegandros cycladesFolegandros lies between Milos and Sikinos, 105 nautical miles from Piraeus. Its land mass is 32 sq. km. and its coastline is 40 km. The ferries on the way to Folegandros stop first at nearby Sikinos, which is a greener spot but has few amenities for travelers.

Folegandros is a wonderful island of sheer cliffs and spectacular views. Its population is 650. It is one of the nicest of the Greek Islands and not overwhelmed by tourism, except during July and August.

folegandrros pholegandros cycladesfolegandrros pholegandros cycladesViews from the main town of Hora are wonderful. Many call Folegadros' Hora the most captivating island capitol in the Cyclades (and that's saying something).

This island is popular with those who want to see a real Greek Island. Boats dock at the eastern port of Karavostassis with its own pebble beach, tavernas and rooms to let. There's a newly repaved road leading up to Hora, or Folegandros Town, the capital.

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