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The Basics

Quick Facts: Kea
Pronunciation Kay-ah
Alternate Name Tzia
Transportation Ferry
Main Attractions Ancient lion monument, beaches, watersports
Food Many good eateries
Accommodations Good choices, but book in advance

Kea Cyclades Page 1

greece greek islands kea tzia greece greek islands kea tziagreece greek islands kea tziaKea or Tzia is the closest of the Cyclades to Athens. Kea has a land mass of 131 sq. km and a coastline of 81 km. Kea has a population of about 2,000. Kea is only 12 nautical miles from Cape Sounion. Kea is a mountainous island with small valleys and bays with sandy beaches.

It is not a typical Cycladic island. It's very green with plenty of water, dairy farms, and fruit bearing trees. The local wine is recommended, as is the local honey, almonds, and lemons. The buildings aren't typical Cycladic, either, but instead look almost Tuscan, especially in Ioulis.

Island Features

See the map of the beaches in the map section below. The island is mountainous, with fertile valleys and excellent beaches.

The capital of Kea is Ioulis and in the center of the island, 6 km from Kea's main harbor Korissa. Ioulis has red terra cotta tiled roofs and a winding maze of alleyways. Korissa is locally referred to as Livadi and islanders also refer to the island itself by Kea's older name Tzia.

Kea is a quieter island than many Cyclades islands that cater to party goers. It is filled with families and has beaches suitable for families. Many Athenians come here regularly. There is camping at Pisses Beach.

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