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The Basics

Quick Facts: The Lesser Cyclades
Transportation Ferry, hydrofoil
Main Attractions Beaches, fishing, splendid isolation
Food Fresh seafood
Accommodations Limited

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Greek islands lesser cycladesThis group of tiny islands, only some of which are inhabited, lie south of Naxos. Included in The Lesser Cyclades are these islands:

  • Herakeleia
  • Schoinousa
  • Kouphonisia
  • Keros
  • AntiKeros
  • Aghios Ioannis
  • Dryma
  • Makaries
  • Daskaleio
  • Donousa

Island Features

Greek islands lesser cycladesGreek islands lesser cycladesGreek islands lesser cycladesThese island are as yet unspoiled, have great fishing and wonderful beaches. Kouphonisia is the most visited, which I'd only worry about in late July and August. If you want to totally relax and lay around with very few, or no, clothes on this is the place to go. There aren't a lot of amenities however so go prepared, tent, sleeping bag and other necessities. I might see you there!

The lesser Cyclades is a great place to let it all hang out and meet desirable members of the opposite sex in a camping and very casual environment. It is not for spoiled types.

Today, Shinoussa, Kouphonisia, Herakeleia, and Donousa are inhabited. In ancient times all the islands were inhabited, as evidenced by the many graves discovered. These islands primarily lie between the islands of Naxos and Amorgos. The four inhabited islands have small populations of fisherfolk. The island ports have rooms for rent and tavernas. Nothing fancy, but inexpensive. High season is more expensive.

nude beach


Think more in terms of sparkling seas and lovely beaches instead of towns with you think of the Lesser Cyclades.

Drinking and Dining

There are a limited number of tavernas on the populated islands.


Most of these islands have been inhabited since prehistoric times. On Herakleia you can see traces of a settlement and a ruined medieval fortress. Ano and Kato Kouphonisia have remains of Hellenistic and Roman installations. Very significant finds on Keros are among the most splendid of the entire Cyclades and include two marble figurines now housed in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens. The figurines are of a harpist and a flutist. On Donousa prehistoric fortifications have been found.

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