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Quick Facts: Mykonos
Pronunciation Me-koe-noce
Transportation Air, fast boat, catamaran, ferry
Main Attractions Beaches, nightlife, museums, shops
Food Excellent restaurants of all kinds
Accommodations Many and varied in price

Mykonos Characteristics Page 1


A typical, rocky, dry, barren and usually windy Cycladic island, Mykonos has 85 sq. km of land mass and 81 km of coastline. Mykonos lies 110 nautical miles from Piraeus (6.5 hrs by ferry) and 71 from Rafina. Mykonos' closest Cycladic neighbors are Tinos, Naxos and Delos. Mykonos grew from the sole departure point to Delos into one of the five most popular islands in Europe. Mykonos produces barley, wine, figs and manganese.

Excellent beaches, a colorful cosmopolitan atmosphere, sophisticated nightlife and careful attention to the needs of the international set bring a wild and zany crowd to Mykonos. It's full of beautiful people, expensive eateries, party-seekers and gay couples. Mykonos became famous for establishing the first nude beach in Greece.

There are over 400 small chapels and 14 major beaches on Mykonos many of which try to be as self contained as possible. Mykonos becomes overcrowded from mid July to the end of August, so be sure you have a room waiting if you go during that season.

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