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Island Features

greek island of mykonos myconosEven though Mykonos is the premiere gay destination of the Mediterranean you don't have to be gay to go to Mykonos and have a great time.

There are tons of heterosexual singles there too. Some may disagree, but I know there are far more straight people than Gay on Mykonos.

All co-exist peacefully and with tolerance. Mykonos is a great place for singles of all persuasions to mix, and also a wonderful island in general.

Mykonos is more expensive, along with Santorini, than a typical Greek island but on average less so than NYC, Paris, London, and Ibiza, St. Tropez, the French Riviera.

Mykonos is more fun, too, and a lot safer than a big city. Sophisticated, tolerent people come here to let their hair down and generally party in a casual atmosphere.

greek island of mykonos myconosMany cruise ships also visit Mykonos as well as private sailboats. Even though Paros and Tinos are the Cycladic Ferry Hubs, Mykonos is in a class by itself with many connections.

Over 15,000 hip Greeks from all over Greece prefer to live on Mykonos year round in addition to the local population, half of which is of recent Albanian origin.

So many came to work in the hotel construction trade that even the mayor is a naturalized Greek of Albanian extraction.




greek island of mykonos myconosMykonos Town has a little something for everyone if they are looking for fun. The atmosphere is infectious. Come with a frown and you'll probably leave with a wistful smile. I don't often dance on the bar top, but I did in Mykonos Pierros' Bar and I felt good about it too.

I have been to Mykonos 12 times and spent a lot of that time lost in Mykonos Town. When they decided to make it confusing to pirates they did a darn good job at it. There's a map below to help you find your way around.

If you are going to Mykonos I highly recommend purchasing one of these recently introduced, in English, SKYMAPS from a kiosk in Athens or wherever you can find one. ( They cost about €5. and are much more detailed and professional looking than what you see in the map section below. (Skymaps exist for other islands, too, and they have more info and maps on the back.)

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