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Mykonos Characteristics Page 3

greek island of mykonos myconosSince this is my travel guide I'd like to tell you that you won't get lost in Mykonos Town, but you will. Actually that's a good thing because Mykonos Town is a really beautiful place and you'll discover charming sites everywhere you look. The good news is that if you go down hill you will eventually reach the harbor and if you ask people for the "lee-mann-knee" you'll reach it faster.

Asking for Directions on Mykonos

The Harbor in Greek, or how to ask for it, is something you should learn, even though everybody on Mykonos speaks English and probably went to The L.S.E. or The New School or F.I.T. but these work on other islands too:

  • lee-mann-knee: harbor
  • ef-hari-sto: Thank You– even easier: F. Harry Stowe.
  • Para-Ka-LO: Don't mention it
  • Pou Ee - ne: Where is?

Mykonos Harbor or Limani

The Limani is your friend so orient yourself to its reassuring presence. Stand in the middle of the Limani and face the harbor... Don't move! Look out through the arms of the quays and you look due west. There are no beaches that way. Look to your right or north and you'll see the dock where you arrived. That's North!

greek island of mykonos myconosSomewhere in the middle is the small town beach of Aghia Anna and a block past that on your right hand side Bus Stop # 2 which takes you to one half of the island. That's the easy part. Different beaches are reached from different bus stops, I personally recommend renting a scooter as its a lot more convenient but costs more money.

I'll take you on a mini-tour. We start with Bus Stop No. 2 because its right there on the harbor.

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