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The Bus Stops

Behind you is the town and just to your right is taxi square, more of a triangle really, with a kiosk which is probably worth a fortune to its owner. Walk over to the kiosk and buy something from the pretty girl (or is it a pretty boy?) and you'll see a street immediately to its right. That's Zouganeli Street which sounds Italian rather than Greek, it becomes Panarandou St. a block up and veers left to sharply left.

Jag again at the Matina Hotel. Continue on up Rochari St. to the cement outdoor ancient style theater. Pass that bearing left to the main drag, Aghiou Ioannou, and turn right to Olympic airways 2 blocks up.
Bus Stop # 1 is a block over to the right. Now, that's so easy a child could do it.  Photo of Super Paradise Beach.

Mykonos Town: Kato Myli  & Little Venice

greek island of mykonos myconosI'll continue our graphical tour of Mykonos town from the higher vantage point of Kato Myli, site of six thatched windmills and worth the short walk.

You can see five of the windmills above the town as well as the white capped waves of the open Aegean.

From Kato Myli (left) you can get a good view of Mykonos Towns' confusing labyrinth of streets and the harbor below.

Just to the right of Kato Myli is another promontory and on it Little Venice.

Little Venice was built as close to the water as possible with little doors enabling the seafaring islanders to step right into their boats. Little Venice has turned into cocktail bars and is a good spot to watch the sunset.


greek island of mykonos myconosNear by and pictured left is the famous Paraportani Church which is really four little churches melded into one and often photographed.

Art students from the Fine Arts School haunt this area.


Just opposite the asymmetrical church is the Folklore Museum. It houses old curiosities, traditonal room furnishings, Greek odalisques prints.



greek island of mykonos myconosLena's House is a branch of the Folklore Museum. It is a middle-class home with everything intact. The Archaeology Museum is near the quay.  

Next to Little Venice is the Fortress. It's easy to dismiss. The warren of streets south has a big tree lined open area, strewn with festive lights and which is filled with tables and chairs. Oily waiters with cousins in New Jersey are anxious to serve you dinner or lunch. Try the Astako or lobster.

A little to the right are the docks for Delos, the Town Hall, Customs building and Public Free WC Facilities.

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