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Nightlife in Mykonos Town

greek island of mykonos myconosThe nightlife is easy to find but harder to get away from.
If you are gay, I am pretty sure you already know where to go.

If you aren't gay then you may enjoy any number of bars and discos, just back from the waterfront and a lot of fun with wild dancing. Have a couple of shots or sphee-nakia as they are called in Greek and you will be in the mood to let your hair down!

For a quieter time over in Little Venice are the Veranda Bar and Kastros with nice sunsets, classical music and cocktails.

greek island of mykonos myconosIn between is Bolero with thumping dance music and wall to wall people. The Piano Bar above taxi square is nice if you can get a seat and Astra Bar where the Gucci shoe wearing crowd goes. For Greek music Mykonos Dancing Bar is always good. The famous Greek bar 9 Muses (and one of the first Bars on Mykonos) has plenty of attitude to go around and more.

The Island's rhythm

If you aren't a big beach person, already finished your book, and stay on Mykonos more than three or four days then you'll no doubt spend a lot of your time during the daylight hours walking back and forth along the harbor and thinking to yourself, "what should I do now?"

Well the obvious thing to do is what everybody else is doing and that's sitting down and pretending that they are actually doing something. Harbor side are a variety of outdoor cafes to drink or snack in and hone your people watching skills day or night.

Of course, unless there are three or four cruise ships in port for a few hours, don't expect much activity before one or two in the afternoon as most normal people will be recuperating after a night of frenzied, ecstatic gyration.

Most go to the beach. The beach stays hot (as in sunburn hot) until 8:30 pm. After a shower and nap, hit the bars and restaurants around 10 or 11 pm. It's cooled off a bit by then and everyone is fresh and ready to start over with an evening of fun.

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