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Mykonos Town MapHints from Harry

Mykonos is not your typical traditional Greek island, so think about alternative choices to Mykonos if you want  a strict family atmosphere with no temptation.

If you are traveling with your other half, and not looking for companionship then you may want to avoid places in high season (July-August) known for their pick-up scenes, like Mykonos. The rest of the year Mykonos is great but in August the better looking your companion, the more annoying things become.

Sunsets are best from Kato Myli and Little Venice.

It takes time to get used to the constant sun and wind if you are arriving fresh with a snow-white tan from a northern clime and no base coat. Go to a tanning salon two or three times before leaving home, it will make a difference. I used that system before I moved here and it was worth the money, but I have fair skin and burn easily. Anglo-Saxons seem the most common victims of this lobster syndrome. So pace yourself, use the sunscreen, wear the hat. You won't look like a boiled crustacean later and you'll be able to shake your booty with subtle nuance.

Be sure to read my Useful Information page for more hints about Mykonos. More pictures of Mykonos I & II.

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Helpful Information
Transportation Facts
  • Daily flights to Athens, Santorini, Rhodes, and Thessaloniki
  • Fast boats and catamarans connect with Tinos, Rafina, Piraeus, Syros
  • Two ferry quays with connections to Rafina, Andros, Piraeus, Paros, Santonrini, Amorgos, Thessaloniki, Patmos, Crete, Lipsi, Samos, Ikaria, and Skiathos
  • Buses cover the island, but do not serve the airport. Taxis are available. Cars and motorcycles rentals are available.
  • Caique leave Hora for several beaches.
Island Resources
  • Police 2289 022 235
  • Port Police 2289 022 716

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