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The Basics

Quick Facts: Paros
Pronunciation Par-os
Transportation Air, ferry, hydrofoil
Main Attractions Beaches, Bzyantine catherdral, butterflies
Food Many excellent choices
Accommodations Many excellent choices

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paros greek islandparos greek islandParos is a major party island in July and August! After Naxos and Andros, Paros is the 3rd largest island of the Cyclades, with 195 sq. km of land mass and 118 km of coast. Paros rests 95 nautical miles from Piraeus and is a superior piece of Cycladic real estate due to its marble, fertility and supply of water.

Mt. Profitis Illias (770m) is in Paros central-southeastern section surrounding which are several fertile flat areas. There are two natural gulfs: Naoussa on the north and Paroikia in the west.

Paros grows much of its own food including barley, wheat, olives, and citrus. There is wonderful local wine. Its population is around 10,000.

Paros is famous for its marble, considered the best in the world due to its translucence which allows light to pass to a depth of 3.5 centimeters. Many of the statues you will see in the world's greatest museums are made from Parian marble. The Venus de Milo and Napoleon's tomb are both carved from Parian marble.

Island Features

paros greek islandParos has several villages from which to base oneself and yachting facilities at its upscale secondary port of Naoussa.

There are many wonderful beaches. The water around the island is crystal clear, the sands are golden, the people are fun-loving and hospitable. It's a perfect vacation spot.

There are pleasant resorts dotting the island, which rises gently to Mt. Profitis Ilias.

In spite of all the tourists, Paros has managed to maintain a Greek island feel. You can find a rowdy night time scene in the waterfront bars of Parikia. The night haunts of Naoussa are a bit more sophisticated.

Paros is the main ferry hub of the Cyclades. You pass through it when traveling to other island chains in the Aegean. This makes the main port at Parikia frantically busy at times.

Only 1km southwest of Paros is the small island of Antiparos, which is easily reached by boat.

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