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The Prehistoric Thira Museum

The Prehistoric Thira Museum portrays the course of prehistoric Thera covering the island's history from late Neolithic to late Cycladic. Architecture of the ancient city, the emergent bureaucratic system, wall painting and pottery art with the furniture plaster casts, household equipment, weapons, seals, impressive wall paintings and the unique gold ibex figurine. Open daily (closed Mondays) from 8.30-3 . Tel.: 23217.

kontohoriThe Lignos Folklore Museum (Kontohori, Fira)

This museum is located in a cave home built in 1861 and housing an original winery, carpenter's, barrel maker's, shoe maker's and tinsmith's workshops, plus an art gallery, library, chapel and courtyard. Open daily from 10-2 and 6-8 pm.

Admission €3 Tel.: 22792.

Dining in Fira Town enjoy the downhome eats at "Naoussa" and "Marcos"

 eat where the greeks eatfor sweets go for a walk to findThere are a many restaurants in Fira Town but I try to only eat where the Greeks eat at least until I get bored with Greek food.

That way I know I'm going to eat the best food available.  A restaurant catering to Greeks can not afford to overcharge his customers and expect to get away with it for very long, while a tourist trap can.

apparently I ma not alon in my viewsDon't forget 90% of these restaurants don't operate all year round but only open for the season and that means less discerning clientele and higher prices! Plus they have to bring in all their food from the mainland, unlike a restaurant that is open all year long and has been operational as a family business for 30 years with local resources available to them!

In Fira the Greeks eat at Naoussa and Marcos which are the two best tavernas in town and quite easy to find on the main drag of the upper town. Neither of them have a view. Ask for them. No matter how much money you have to throw around on food, traditional food is better than more expensive, arty food whose main attraction is the view. Eat in a real Greek taverna with no view, then go to one of the many bar-cafes with the same view as the expensive restaurants and enjoy the view from there with a bottle of champagne if you feel like celebrating.

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