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If you are tired of Greek cuisine try Meridianna, Tel: 23247, near the Fabrika Shopping Center with views to both sides of the island and live jazz. It features Thai and international cuisine. Tomates is good, too, for nouvelle Greek cuisine–but it's pricey! On a budget? Try Poseidon, open 24 hrs, by the bus station. Italians like Bella Flora for freshly made pasta and pizza. There are several tempting pastry and ice cream shoppes to be seen on your after dinner stroll.

Instead of paying extra for something that's free, i.e., the view, spend your hard-earned cash on better accommodations with a view from your private patio overlooking the cliffs... Trust Me!!!!

Nightlife in Fira Town Santorini

the lights come on at nightSantorini has a well developed night club and bar scene. At night, the town is lit up like a Christmas tree, and your ears will no doubt guide you to music venues of choice. Ther's even a Harry's Bar. Its not affiliated with the the one in Venice or with me. If you get sick of loud Disco music and young Greeks in tight 'roo-ha' (clothing) try the Enigma Jazz Bar with a nice outdoor area and cool owners! You can't escape finding the action if you head to the center of Fira town.

Some standards include the pretentious Francos with classical music. The owners would have you believe they offer the only sunset viewable on the island as they gouge you for a small watery drink. Enigma Rock Club and Koo Club are disco's (wear your gold chains). Alexanders is more relaxing and sophisticated with soft music. Greeks will like Marmounia Club for domestic music. Two Brothers is a good place to hear rock music with reasonable prices too. A lot of places change names and come and go with the seasons but there are plenty.

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