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greece greek islands serifos From Hora a paved road descends past Panagia village with the islands oldest church–built in the 10th Century.

At Galani is the17th Century Monastery of the Taxiarchos or Monastery of the Archangels. This is the most important monument on the island. This church contains a precious altar, frescoes by the famous painter Skordilis and Byzantine manuscripts.

The road continues to the island's little fertile corner, the wine-producing Kalitsos district. Kalistsos also features almond and olive orchards. Plati Giallos beach is just past the Monastery and on the other side of Galani is Sikamia Bay with a beach, taverns, shade and fresh water.

coveDrinking and Dining

In LIvadi, for non-Greek dishes try Mokka Restaurant at the end of the port with an eclectic mix of Greek and foreign clientele and even, on a good night, Indian style chicken and saag paneer.


See our Greece hotels for a complete look at accommodations available on this island.

Serifos is a small undeveloped island with little in the way of luxury hotels although there are several smaller pleasant ones which fill up in the summer.


One of the oldest Greek myths is set on Serifos. According to Greek myth Perseus, slayer of Medusa, was born here and grew to manhood after arriving on a bladder or in a box with his mother Danae. They were fleeing the wrath of Arkisius, King of Argos, her father. Soothsayers foretold to Akrisius that he would be slain by her son. So he locked her in a tower away from men. But she, being so comely, attracted Zeus himself who, in a shower of golden rain, fathered Perseus. Akrisios set mother and son adrift in a chest, which Zeus is purported to have guided to Serifos.

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