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The Basics

Quick Facts: Aghios Efstratios
Pronunciation I ghee-oss F-stratios
Alternate Spelling Agios Efstratios
Transportation Ferry
Main Attractions Splendid isolation
Food Limited
Accommodations Accomodations are available

Aghios Efstratios Greek islandAghios Efstratios Characteristics

Locally known as 'Ai Stratis', this tiny oak-covered island is the most isolated of the Aegean. Aghios Efstratios's land mass is 43 sq. km. and its coastline 30 km. It lies 32 km SE of its big sister Limnos (Lemnos). The port is too shallow for big boats, so be prepared to transfer to caique.

Aghios Efstratios was an island used for the exile of political prisoners during the junta and with hardly any cars or roads and two public telephones it appears well suited to this task.

Aghios Efstratios Greek islandIsland Features

There is only one village of the same name but there are several beaches. The population is about 300 friendly souls. There are lovely bays, caves, churches and a few ruins. Aghios Efstratios was devastated by an earth quake in 1968 and was not rebuilt in the old style, much to the dissatisfaction of the residents.

The sea is rich in fish here and most inhabitants rely on fishing for their income.

Visitors in search of peace and quiet do trickle into Ag. Efstratios. There are no roads or buses, so blissful walking is easy to find. Any of the beaches is within about an hour's walk of the main village.


Ag. Efstratios is the only village. It has a very pleasant beach. There's a long sandy beach at Velia.

Drinking and Dining

There are a couple of tavernas with limited menus.


Email Us for information about accommodations on Ag. Efstratios. Camping is allowed on any beach.


Rich in minerals (including petroleum), Aghios Efstratios has been inhabited since Mycenaean times and on its NE coast stand ruins of the walls of habitation which endured until the middle ages. Traces of Roman and Byzantine influence may be seen.

The island was a prison for scores of Greek Communists between 1936 and 1962.

An earthquake in 1968 wreaked havoc on the port and major village. Most inhabitants live in concrete huts thrown up after the earthquake.

The island is named for a saint who was exiled and died here.

Hints from Harry

The night life on Aghios Efstratios is happening, although in a limited way!

The Complete Details

Helpful Information
Transportation Facts
  • By Ferry: Once a week from Lesvos, Samothrace, Aghios Kostandinos and Kimi
  • Thrice weekly from Kavala
Island Resources
  • Tel. code: 0254
  • Port Authority: tel. 93333