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The Basics

Quick Facts: Astypalea
Pronunciation ah-stee-pal-e-ah
Alternate Spelling Astypalaia
Transportation Air, ferry, hydrofoil
Main Attractions Beaches, quiet getaways
Food Good choices
Accommodations Good choices

astypalea  greek island guideAstypalea Page 1

astypalea  greek island guideastypalea  greek island guideastypalea  greek island guide

Astypalea, while in the Dodecanese, is its western most island. It lies nearer to the Cyclades in geography and architecture. It has a land mass of 97 sq. km and 110 km of coast.

astypalea  greek island guideThe island is shaped like a butterfly and connected by a 105 meter long isthmus at times only 50m wide. The population is about 1100. The highest peak, Vardia, is 482 meters. There is an airport and the back-up port of Aghios Andreas. Astypalea Town (Hora - Kastro) is the capitol and encompasses part of the port Pera Yalos. At its top rests a Venetian Castle or Kastro.

Astypalea is a lovely island that has gently rolling hills, verdant valleys, sheltered coves, nice beaches and a few villages and farms. The island's mascot is Carlos the Pelican. The best beaches are to the east of Astypalea Town and accessible by foot.

Its a good place to really enjoy the summer because it's relatively less accessible and doesn't have huge summer throngs of tourists.

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