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The Basics

Quick Facts: Halki
Pronunciation Haal-kee
Alternate Spelling Chalki
Transportation Ferry, hydrofoil
Main Attractions Traditonal music, mosiacs, quiet beaches
Food Good choices
Accommodations Good choices

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halki chalki dodecanesehalki chalki dodecanese

Mountainous Halki lies 16 km from Rhodes and 302 nautical miles from Piraeus. One of Greece's smallest islands it has 28 sq. km of land mass and 34 km of coastline. It has a population of under 300. No cars are allowed on the island. The capital and port of Nimborio is built ampitheatrically on the SE side of the island by the horseshoe Bay of Nimborio.

Island Features

halki chalki dodecanesehalki chalki dodecaneseHalki means copper in Greek and the island was named after the mines there. There is a Crusader Castle built on a pointed peak by the Knights of St. John which overlooks the port-town and the picture-perfect harbor. Fresh water is in short supply and has to be brought in. There are sheep and goats on the hillsides, but most fresh food is brought from Rhodes. Halki was once a thriving sponge fishing island. In the early 1900s, many of the inhabitants immigrated to Tarpon Springs, Florida and established a sponge fishing enterprise there. The road from the main town and port is called Tarpon Springs Blvd., in honor of the immigrants who financed its construction. Beaches on both the north and south coasts are reached from the capital on foot or by caique of which Kania, Areta, Giali and Trachia are the nicest. Fifteen minutes walk along the boulevard brings you to sandy Pondamos Beach with its taverna and umbrellas.

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