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The Basics

Quick Facts: Kalymnos
Pronunciation Kal-hym-nos
Transportation Air, ferry, hydrofoil
Main Attractions Rock climbing, beaches
Food Many excellent choices
Accommodations Many excellent choices

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greece greek islands kalymnos telendosgreece greek islands kalymnos telendosKalymnos, lying between Kos and Leros, is the 4th largest island of the Dodecanese. Kalymnos' population is 18,253, with a land mass of 111 sq. km and 96 km. of coastline. It is 183 nautical miles from Piraeus. This island is mountainous and dry with fertile valleys. There are two medieval castles on Kalymnos, therapeutic springs, caves and many churches.

greece greek islands kalymnos telendosThe interior of Kalymnos remains pristine and wonderful for hiking. Three almost parallel mountain ranges divide Kalymnos running from NW to SE. Between these lie two fertile plains upon which the two main villages lie. Vathis or (Deep) in the north and Kalymnos Town (Hora) or Pothia, its main harbor, in the south. The north coast of Kalymnos is virtually uninhabited.

Island Features

greece greek islands kalymnos telendosArriving in Kalymnos at twilight is a wonderful experience if you can arrange your schedule that way. The sunset with the moon rising in the east as you sail into the harbor is Greek island perfection. With the colorful houses draped over the hills, it's photogenic even if you arrive by daylight.

The down-to-earth and welcoming citizens are a relief after visiting islands catering to mass tourism. Pothia is a refreshing glimpse into the real Greece of tradition.

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