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greece greek islands karpathos carpathosLefkos is under development but in the meanwhile has lots of pine trees, some ancient ruins, a taverna or two, rooms to rent and the ruins of a medieval fort. There is a bus from Pigadia daily. Many islanders consider Lefkos the jewel of the island because of its horseshoe bays and white sand.

There is also a small offshore islet called Sokastro.

The Inland Villages

greece greek islands karpathos carpathosFrom Pigadia, the scenic paved road north elevates you first to wealthy Aperi, supposedly the richest village per capita in Greece. Most all its residents have lived in New Jersey at one time or another and it boasts ninety doctors, mostly retired.

Apparently one of its families was responsible for the TV series Kojak starring non-other than the now deceased cult-hero Telly Savalas. (I went to school with his niece Cally in Athens, who was pretty cute too!) If that's not enough the village also has a miraculous icon within its new Cathedral built over the Byzantine cemetery.

greece greek islands karpathos carpathos greece greek islands karpathos carpathos greece greek islands karpathos carpathos

Unlike some poorer Greek islanders, residents of Karpathos like to decorate their houses somewhat lavishly with colorful items such as carpets, mirrors, lace, paintings and antiques. Their elevated, hand-carved wooden beds (souphas) are locally made.

The next village up the road is Volada. It's the site of the castle of the Venetian Cornaros family, who owned the island until 1538. The road ascends to 650 meters and the village of Othos, one of the island's oldest. Othos is high enough to boast of being cool even in summer. Its houses are decorated with carved wooden balconies.

Othos produces an island specialty–local red wine, called Othiko krasi. You'll be pleasantly amused by its presumption! Visit the small Ethnographic Museum.

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