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Island Features

greece greek islands kassos dodecanese travel tourism guidegreece greek islands kassos dodecanese travel tourism guideThe best beaches are to be found on the tiny offshore islet of Armathia just to the north Water-taxis are available. A 6 km road circles Kasos.

Chelathros Bay is a good site for sun lovers. You can walk across Kassos to this beach on an isolated track that passes the Monastery of Ag. Giorgios. There is water available at the monastery, but it would be wise to carry snacks and water.

greece egreek islands kassos dodecanese travel tourism guideTowns

Kasos has five small villages, with Fry (or Fri) being the main port and capital. You can explore all of Fry in about an hour. The little port is Bouka. In the port on June 7 each year a Holocaust Memorial Day ceremony is held commemorating the massacre of 1824. Many people from Karpathos attend this event, as do Kassiots from around the world.

The suburb of Emborios is 1km east of Fry.

Near the village of Agia Marina is the beach of Ammoua. The airstrip is also near Ag. Marina. Nearby are two fine caves: Ellinokamara (or Hellenokamara) and Sellai, both with stalactites and stalagmites. The cave of Ellinokamara is interesting with Mycenaean and Hellenistic traces.

Drinking and Dining

You can get decent seafood and standard Greek dishes on Kassos. There are even a couple of tavernas in Emborio.


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