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The Asklipion is on a hillside an consists of a series of terraces and a grand stair. On the lowest level are Roman baths. The next level had baths and the medical school. On this level, too, was the sacred spring to the god Pan. The next terrace is the Altar of Asklepios. At the top was the Doric Temple of Asklepios, which, of course, had the best view.

Just up the road is the modern International Hippocrates Foundation. On the way back to Kos Town, you can see Platani, the main Turkish settlement.

greece greek islands kos cos dodecaneseKos at one time had a large Turkish minority but with the tensions over Cyprus, many have left the island. About 50 Muslim families remain on Kos and they mostly reside in Platani along with a Greek minority. Everyone seems to get along just fine but the good news is the Turkish restaurants that await visitors.

The final spot of interest on the way back to Kos Town is the Jewish Cemetery, right off the road in a pine grove.

Beaches of the North Coast

greece greek islands kos cos dodecanesegreece greek islands kos cos dodecanese Kos is flat in the NE and has a decent beach at Tagaki pictured far left although as you can see it gets crowded. Nearby are the salt marshes of Alikies where in spring numerous flamingoes and other migratory birds stop in. The protected loggerhead turtles also use the sandy spots for their egg laying. Marmari village has a good size sandy beach and is where to catch the water taxi to Pserimos Islet. It also has a horseback riding center, Tel: 41783. Further along the coast is quieter Mastichari with its nice beach and the port for Kalymnos.

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