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The Basics

Quick Facts: Nisyros
Pronunciation Ne-see-rhos
Alternate Spelling Nissyros
Transportation Ferry
Main Attractions Volcanic caldera
Food Good choices
Accommodations Good choices

nisyros greek islandsNisyros Page 1

nisyros greek islandsNisyros is a small island, off the beaten track. It is one of the most beautiful of the Dodecanese.

Nisyros lied 200 nautical miles from Piraeus, with a population is 920. It has a dormant volcano which imploded in 1442, leaving the flat fertile plain of Lakki. The islands land mass is 41 sq. km and it has 28 km of coastline.

Pumice is mined here. The island is known for its millstones, which are often called stones of Nisyros.

Island Features

Nisyros is lush, green, full of olives, figs, and almonds. A visit to the volcano crater is a must.

nisyros greek islandsnisyros greek islandsnisyros greek islands

Beaches are varied, some sandy, some with pebbles. Its rich soil makes the island very green with dramatic lava formations. Even though fertile there is little drinking water. The soil retains the moisture enabling the cultivation of almond and olive trees, figs and citrus.

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