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The Basics

Quick Facts: Symi
Pronunciation See-me
Transportation Ferry and hydrofoil
Main Attractions Moni Taxiarhou Mihail Panormiti, walking tours, Symi Festival
Food Good choices
Accommodations Good choices

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caiqueSymi is 230 nautical miles from Piraeus, mere meters from Turkey, and 20 miles from Rhodes.

Symi has a land mass of 58 sq. km. and a coastline of 85 km. Its population is about 2350 souls.

Island Features

greek island of symiSymi is a dry, mountainous island with cliffs, bays with pebbled beaches, and cypress and pine stands. Its harbor, Gialos, is one of the most picturesque in Greece.

This is another of un-sung Greece's treasures with several beaches. The coast is deeply indented with numerous small bays. The first view of the harbor is one of the most photogenic views in Greece.

The island suffers from a serious water shortage. If you are among the many day trippers who visit Symi from Rhodes, bring a couple of bottles of water for the day. At night, when all the day trippers from Rhodes have departed, this island is lovely and romantic.

This is a popular island for walkers. There are guided walking tours with multilingual guides. Symi is also gaining in popularity with sailors and yachters. The Symi Festival with big name performers, especially in music, brings a lot of visitors from July–September.

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