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Greek Island Tips

If your holiday entails a visit to the Greek islands you may not realize there are many Greek islands within 7 Greek island groups all with their own differing ferry services and schedules and in order to choose the island that's right for you, you likely want to check out the Greek island Guides and overview(s).

There are over 60 individual Greek island guides too and of course to the really popular Cycladic Greek islands like Mykonos and Santorini and a really extensive one I am rather thorough with for Crete too!

Crete is a beautiful place and the warmest spot in Europe!

If one thing has changed in Greece over the last ten years its that now there are more ferry boat options than ever before: Slow -Medium -Fast - Super fast and hydrofoil. Some islands you can fly or drive to!

For a small country Greece has a lot going on and there are a lot of really nice people here both Greek and foreign to enjoy your visit with too!

Above & further down this very page and within, you'll find over 40 itinerary suggestions of varying duration
combining both land and sea including a succinct Athens Guide
with logically thought day trips that maximize your time and travel and accommodations buck.
The nearby Peloponnese, ancient mainland sights and closer Greek islands are only an hour or two away!

See the Greek Island Overview