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Corfu Island Pictures

Our Feedback . . .

We are home from Greece and would like to thank you for your assistance with our travel arrangements there. Everything went smoothly and we LOVE your country. Thanks for your suggestions and help making our vacation truly memorable. I will definitely recommend you to my friends here in the US.
–Liz Barnes

Corfu Island Photo-scapes (Click to see larger)

a nice beach on corfua lovely cove with beacha fishing porta resident with donkeysandy beachsandy beachsandy beachsandy beachsandy beachsandy beachsandy beachbeach artcoastdonkey ladydonkey lady 2gullyiron gaterock out croppingrock striationsrocks shorerock formationsruinssmall portsunrise


Pictures of Corfu I | II | III

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