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Near North of Corfu Town

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The Venetian Arsenal: 8 km North of Corfu Town on the right off the road between Kondokali and Gouvia overlooking the mairna. Nearby, on the main road lies the new Corfu Shell Museum with thousands of beautiful sea shells.(10am-9pm) Tel: 99340

Gouvia: The old Venetian Naval Yard with its multi vaulted ship slips, just after the crossroads for Dassia. War Galleys which protected the Ionian islands were dry docked here for repairs.

Kommeno: Polygonal Fort built in 1778 with 70 cannon embrasures.

Cape Kommeno: The lovely bay of Gouvia and islet with the Church of Ypapandi.

Castello & Castelletto: On the hill above Dassia lies the Italianate-Gothic mansion of the Italian Baron Mimbelli where many royal guests stayed before WW II.

Aghios Markos: A traditional Village with two Byzantine Churches–the Pantokrator (1576) and Aghios Merkourios (1075), both with well preserved frescoes.

Spartylas: Just beyond Pyrgi with a wonderful view to Corfu Town and refreshments and traditional cuisine.

North Eastern Corfu

Agni: Wonderfull small harbor and beach with calm waters and traditional sea side tavernas with fresh fish and moderate prices.

Kalami: Attractive pebble beach and tradtional tavernas.

Kouloura: A small tree lined harbour with jetty and fishing boats where also lies the old Quartano fortified mansion, where was captured the seven year old daughter of the master of the house. In 1537 when the Ottoman pirate Barbarossa took a quarter of the islands' inhabitants (22,000 people) captive, this little girl's charm, good looks and intelligence caused the Turks to groom her for her maturity. She became first of the wives of Sultan Selim II and the mother of Sultan Murad, becoming herself the Valide Sultana Nur Vanu. She did much to help the Greeks from her position in Constantinople and was buried with Christian rites in Aghia Sophia as a consequence.

Aghios Stephanos: The charming beach of Kerassia is next to the olive groves of a traditional village and nice waterfront tavernas.

Kassiopi: Known for its ancient theater and Temple of Kassios Zeus. It was founded in 281 BC by Pyrrohs King of Epirus. It also has the ruins of Castle Pyrgos built by the Angevins. Additionaly, built on the Temples foundations, stands the medieval Church of the Virgin. Smaller secluded beaches are within walking distance of the port with its waterfront tavernas and frequent tourists.

Old Peritha: An abandoned village on the slopes of Mt. Pantokrator with spectacular views, old stone houses and plenty of greenery.

Pantokrator: The islands highest peak, 25 km North of Corfu Town has a Monastary and views so majestic the toe of Italy may be seen on clear days as well as the coasts of Albania, mainland greece and the islands of Paxos, Levkas, and Othoni. A full day excursion. Hikers and climbers can ascend via the slabs visible above Nissaki.

Nymphes: A traditional village which is one mile from the abandoned Monastary of Pantokrater tou Askitariou with its exceptional wall paintings and the monks cells hewn directly into the rocks.

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