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Corfu Town, pop 41.000, is a charming blend of architectural styles including Venetian, Italian Renaissance, Baroque, Georgian, Neo-classical and traditional island architecture. The flavor is predominately Italianate.

The town is dominated by its two Venetian fortresses with a wonderful view obtainable from atop the new fortress from which, on a clear day, Italian, Sicily can be seen.

The town's central square is called The Spiniada or Esplanade and joined with Epano Sq. near the old castle and the cricket grounds.

Below: waterfront views: architecture and the old castle, The Liston's cafes and Aghion Spyridon church's red dome, the most sacred spot of Corfu.

 corfu towncorfu towncorfu town corfu town

Facing the Venetian Old Castle stands the statue of General Von Schulenbourg commander of the island's defensive forces which defeated the Turks in 1716. (He was a soldier of fortune from Saxony who through his skill and daring defied the whole power of the sublime portal under the personal command of their lord high admiral during the Great Siege. Thereby frustrating the Turks last great attempt at further conquests of European Christendom. They viewed Corfu as a stepping stone for the rest of Europe.)

Other statues on the Esplanade, include the Guilford Memorial in honor of British Philhellene Fredrick North, Earl of Guilford (1769- 1828) and to the south, Count John Capodistrias, Greece's first President who was assasinated by two Cretans for imprisoning their Uncle. Capodistrias was enobled by the Venetians.

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